Connect (2018)

Directed by Caleb Price

Starring Kirk Cameron

In today’s world technology has changed so much. I see kids in places to eat just looking at their phones, sometimes they are sitting right next to each other and they don’t talk they just text, it is amazing. I won’t be a hypocrite here and deny that I also spend a lot of time with technology, more specifically the phone, and I never saw anything bad in it or the fact that my daughter used one too. 

I always wanted to see this documentary but it was not until yesterday that I finally saw it. and it was an eye-opener. One of the people interviewed talked about five lies that technology teaches our kids and I just saw some of the attitudes I see in my own kid. My mistake was not in letting her use the technology because it is part of the reality of this world, my mistake was believing that it is just normal for today’s kids, but something normal is not necessarily something that is alright. 

Any one that knows Kirk Cameron knows that he is a Christian, so yes, faith is present in the film. But if you are a parent and not necessarily believe in Christ or go to a church, you will still get good information and advice from this film. No matter what you believe in as a parent you want to protect your kids and that is the main goal of this film, let the parent see that presence is the most important thing and that technology can’t be a substitute to the time we spend with our kids. There are testimonies of parents and kids whose lives were affected by social media. A father who discovered a sexual predator was targeting his son, that really is so scary, that now we have to protect our kids from even more dangers than ever before. 

I liked the balance that Kirk brought to the film because he is clear that technology is not the problem and that they use it, the problem lies in the how and for what we use it. it is a portal to so much that in truth our kids are not ready to see and as parents we expose them to it, not with a bad intent, but rather because we don’t know or trust that our kids won’t be exposed or lack of supervision. I agree with the message at the end, we as parents should also disconnect and spend time connecting with our kids, after all they are the most precious gift we can have and we must protect and love them always.

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