The Miami Showband Massacre (2019)

Directed by Stuart Sender 

Available on Netflix

I stumbled upon this documentary on Netflix and although I had no idea who this band was, I found myself wanting to know what happened and why. To provide a little insight to what the documentary is about, I want to provide a little background on the subject. 

The first is where it happened. I did not know that for 1960 to 1998 there was a conflict in Northern Ireland, the conflict also expanded to England and Republic of Ireland (Wikipedia, 2019). The basic problem was that some wanted the Northern Ireland to stay part of England and others wanted to unite to the Republic of Ireland (Wikipedia, 2019). This caused heavy military presence and even secret involvement of Britain authority. After seeing this documentary, I now understand the John Lennon song “The luck of the Irish” and Paul McCartney’s “Give Ireland Back to the Irish”. 

The other part of this story is who are the Miami Show band. They were a very loved Irish band who had a number of hits in Ireland. Sadly, as part of the trouble the country had, they were stopped by the military as they returned from the Northern Ireland after a  concert they played there,                                 and they were shot, three members died and two survived. The documentary is about the two survivors who want the truth about what happened and justice. The documentary slowly reveals who were the people responsible for this senseless crime. 

This is the kind of situation that even though I did not know them, I can still see the tragedy of innocent people being killed for political reasons. And even more senseless is that they were targeted, musicians that had nothing to do with the political situation.

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