The Crystal Lake memories 2013

here was a documentary about the Friday the 13th series released on 2009 called: “His name was Jason: 30 years of Friday the 13th” and it was a 90-minute look at the franchise films and history. I believe they saw the great documentary made for the “Nightmare on elm street” films and decided to do one just like it, because it is similar in the style and content. It is longer because there are more Jason movies than those of Freddy. Me personally, I prefer the Nightmare films, but still I grew up at the time these movies were very popular and saw them with my friends, so the documentary was appealing to me. 

Narrated by Cory Feldman, the film takes a very in depth look at the making of all the Friday the 13th movies up until the 2009 remake of the first film. Just like the Freddy documentary, it is very long but at the same it is interesting to see all the effects and the actors talking about the films. You might think, how much detail do I need to know about a franchise that each movie has the same story or premise, see Jason do his thing. For me it was interesting to see the work that really went into the films, especially with the effects and the make-up. 

I don’t usually see those films, but they have a place in my history. I can remember watching the films with my friends and especially my neighbors when we rented them on VHS, yes DVD’s did not exist yet. I really would like to see one made for the Halloween movies because those two first films still scare me to this day, Jason and Freddy are just fun movies that gross you out

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