Life after Manson (2014)

Directed by Olivia Klaus

I have always been shocked at the events of August 9, 1969. The most famous name is Sharon Tate, the actress married to director Roman Polanski. But there were at least 10 other people murdered in just a couple days. The trial for those involved was something else really. Manson is regarded as the mastermind of it all and he just took advantage of lost kids who believed his lies. 

This documentary takes a look at one of those lost girls who murdered for Manson. Patricia Krenwinkel was part of the group that went that night into the house of Sharon Tate and murdered those who were there. The film takes a look at her childhood and her life coping with what she did. 

The documentary was short for the material they could have had, but because it was focused on her, I understand that they did not go deeper. It is hard as a human being to really forgive and even believe they changed. I do like that she does not excuse herself but offers valid points for parents as to why good kids sometimes to turn to bad people. Like the documentary said, she never got to trouble but her parents did not talk to her and she felt lost and gave in to the pretty words Manson told her, it is no excuse, but people like Manson just know how to manipulate those weak enough to allow it. 

It is hard to see the parole hearing and seeing Sharon Tate’s sister there facing those who killed her sister. I believe they can change but should remain in jail, what they did was too horrible and the lives lost can’t be recovered.

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