Bedazzeled (2000)

Directed by Harold Ramis

Starring Brendan Frazer, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O’ Connor. 

This is a bit of an old movie, but I watched it again today. It was recommended by a friend when the movie was on home video, so I rented it and I really enjoyed it. 

The story is about this lonely guy named Elliot, he was not liked by any of his co-workers and was in love with Allison a girl who worked in the same company as him. One night he goes to bar where he meets this woman who offers him seven wishes in exchange for Elliot’s soul. As he goes through the wishes he realizes that it’s more important to be himself.  

I found that the movie is funny, it loses a bit of esteem towards the end, but still is a very funny movie. It displays the talent of Brendan Frazer as he gets to act as many different characters. I especially liked the Colombian drug lord and how they talk in Spanish, badly but that made it funnier.   I really liked he played the character at the beginning, you feel sorry for him but yet find yourself annoyed by him and his silly jokes. I absolutely liked Ramis idea to make the devil a woman and Elizabeth Hurley was very good in the role. She and Brendan did great together and they are the main force behind the movie. It is really funny how she manages to spoil every wish Elliot makes and how she is in different parts of the film cliches of what a sex symbol is, the hot teacher, the nurse, the meter maid, that was a cool touch for the movie.

I think it’s a nice film to see, it is not a mega funny movie but in the first three wishes the movie was really funny.

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