Aladdin (2019)

Directed by Guy Ritchie

Starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott

For the past years, Disney has made their classic cartoon movies into live action films. Some of them have been great because they extend of what the cartoon versions were, like Beauty and the Beast that added a few more details to the story. In my opinion most of them have been good, some to me don’t make sense like the upcoming Lion King because that would basically be CGI, to me the same as a cartoon. So, I went to see Aladdin and found it surprisingly good. 

The story is basically the same. Jafar wants to be sultan and seeks the magic lamp in order to use the Genie to achieve hi goals. Aladdin is a thieve that one day meets princess Jazmin as she was strolling in the city without revealing who she was. Aladdin comes to her help when she has no money to pay for some bread she gave to some kids. They like each other and Abu steals something from the princess and at night they go to return it. He gets caught by Jafar and sends him to get the lamp. It is there where he meets the Genie and becomes prince Ali and tries to win the heart of the princess. 

The movie compared with the cartoon version, is fairly similar. It has minor changes that really do not affect the story. The costumes and musical numbers are really good and visually looks good. I liked the actors that portrayed Aladdin and Jasmin. Of course, what everyone wanted to see is how Will Smith would do as the Genie. The genie is a role that reminds many of the great Robin Williams. In my opinion, they chose the perfect actor, Smith has a natural charisma that fits the character and he made it his, I did not feel he just went to do just the role the same as Robin Williams did. He was funny and charming in the role. I liked the fact that he sometimes appeared in human form. The actor who also steals the show is Marwan Kenzari as Jafar. I think he made a very good villain. I liked that they did not make the bird to talk like in the cartoon, he spoke like a parrot even if he did serve and help Jafar in his quest. 

I think the movie was very entertaining for the whole family. My daughter really enjoyed it and so did I.

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