Backdraft 2 (2019)

Directed by Gonzalo Lopez – Gallego 

Starring William Baldwin, Joe Anderson, Donald Sutherland.

When will the movie industry learn to leave good films alone! I had to start by saying that. This is a sequel to the very successful Backdraft. Released in 1991 and starring Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Rebecca De Mornay, Donald Sutherland, Robert De Niro, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It was mainly the story of two brothers who lost their father as he rescued someone in a fire. The older brother was an established fireman when his little brother tries as a rookie fireman under his brother’s command. Their relationship is competitive and their ways of doing things collide. They are also facing the possibility of someone causing fires on purpose. In the end, the brothers reconcile,but the older brother dies trying to save his friend. Kurt Russell played the older brother and William Baldwin the younger brother. 

The sequel follows the story Kurt Russell’s character’s son, Sean. Now a fire investigator trying to solve a case of a fire that killed 5 kids. William Baldwin reprises his role as Brian, Sean’s uncle and supervisor on the job. Sean is reckless and does thing his way, just like his father was, he is assigned a rookie partner as he tries to solve the case.

About the film, where do I start? The story has nothing intriguing about it, at least when you see it knowing how great the first Backdraft was. I’m sure both Baldwin and Sutherland did it for the money because I doubt that they loved the script. Sean is a horrible character, it feels like his attitude is forced, the performance does not feel genuine. It’s like they tried to hard to recreate Bull the character played by Russell in the first film. The hate between Sean and his family is not explained or even makes sense. This felt more like a TV episode of an investigating show that ran too long. In all honesty, I could not even finish the movie even though there were only 30 minutes remaining, I just couldn’t keep going.

My recommendation is if you are interested in movies about firemen, rent the first Backdraft if you saw the first film see that one again and totally skip this one unless you have nothing else to do and have Netflix. I rented it as of curiosity because I loved the first film so much, but I regret having seen this film.

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