John Wick Chapter 3 (2019)

Directed by Chad Stahelski

Starring Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishbourne, Halle Berry. 

I never understood the following this film had until I finally sat down to see the first film. I actually compared this film to the Taken, but in the case of John Wick the sequels make sense and they are equal or better each new film. Chapter 3 is now on theaters and it took the top of the box office weekend from The Avengers, not bad at all. 

The movie starts right where the second chapter ended. John Wick is granted an hour to escape the open contract that now was under his name for killing someone on the Continental hotel, something prohibited by the rules of the Supreme Order. So, John Wick starts looking for ways to make amends and save his life. In the meantime, all those that helped him are being punished by the Order, Winston, the one who gave Wick the head start, refuses to stand down. 

This film reminds me of the action movies of the 80’s where one man took entire armies and where almost invincible. It combines that classic style but still feels fresh and new. I have to say the creativity on this film is incredible, the fight scenes and the scenarios they put Wick on are really great and make it a fun movie. I have to say, I like the story and how it progresses, the continuity of the films really works in favor of the series. It continues to amaze me how the film can be two hours long and not feel like it as you are watching it, the action sequences are so intense and long that time flies. This of all the three movies, I think it’s the one with more dialogue and story but that was not a bad thing. The movie also incorporated a lot of humor. 

Keanu Reeves is really good as this character. What really works with this character is that is unreal how he survives all those that attack him, Reeves achieves to make it believable with the body language and the fact that he does get hurt, something not seen often if these kind of films. I think this was a good progression for his performance as more is shown about his character. Halle Berry’s character was great, I did not expect that she would together with Wick beat a lot of people down, but it was a great sequence. The main actors continued to provide the film with good performances. 

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