Red Rose Speedway (1973) Paul McCartney and Wings

I just the bought the vinyl edition of this album remastered with bonus tracks. I always enjoyed the album and I think is was his first album that was good. McCartney was his first solo album followed by Ram, both were good records because they had a few good songs. Then he formed Wings and released Wings Wild Life that in my opinion is not that good, it has a couple of good songs but the album as a whole is not one of his best. Then he released Red Rose Speedway in 1973 making his way to making his masterpiece Band on the Run.

This album has good songs on it, still a little erratic and featuring some sub-par songs. But the good songs are enough reason to have the album. for me the highlight of the album is the medley at the end, similar to what The Beatles did in Abbey Road, I enjoyed those songs. The number 1 hit My love is also on this album and it proves McCartney’s ability to write beautiful love songs. A song I really can’t say what is it about but I love is Little Lamb Dragonfly. One more kiss is a fun song. 

The remastered version was released in 2018. I know that sometimes these new remasters seem like an attempt to just make more money, and it might be just that, but I like having them because of the extra tracks included, some of which were not included on albums. This collection included songs like Live and Let Die and C moon, both were released as singles of that period, they end up improving the album by having them included in the collection. The vinyl package was beautiful. I think it was a replica of the original packaging. It included pictures and lyrics of the songs. There are still good albums Paul has yet to release in the Archive collection, let’s see what albums comes next.

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