John Wick (2017)

Directed by Chad Stahelski

Starring Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishbourne

After finally seeing chapter one and really liking the film, the next obvious step was to see chapter 2. I think it was not planned to be a series of films but because the first one was successful they carried on. maybe I am wrong and they had a story planned, either way, they did it right. 

In this chapter, John Wick is at his home when a crime lord forces him to assassinate his sister because he wanted to become the head of the “table”. After John does his part he then is hunted down by all hitmen as a contract is put to his name. 

The story is simple, but in this kind of films you can’t focus too much on that. Now I will say, that I like the spin on this kind of story that is not just revenge on random bad guys, is a whole underground world with their rules and everything. The movie achieves to keep you interested in the film and the character. The one thing that scared me as I started to see the sequel was that it was two hours long and I also think of the experience of Taken where the first film was so good and then they ruined them with the sequels. Thankfully, that was not the case here. I mean the movie was two hours of constant action, once he is hunted down by all the hitmen the action stops after 45 minutes of John Wick fighting off all those that are trying to kill him. What they did right was to expand what worked in the first film and made it better. They also did not repeat the same formula in terms that they did not kill his dog again, it was the story moving forward with the first film. 

In terms of performances everyone did their jobs, Keanu is a great action actor and having someone like Lawrence Fishbourne never hurts a film. Really in this film there is more fighting tha talking so the acting is reduced to how good they coordinate the fight sequences, and in that they all looked great. 

Now I am ready and can’t wait to see chapter 3 now in theaters.

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