Elton John

This month will see the release of another biopic, this time of Elton John. Elton John is one of music’s most successful artist and has had a career of decades, retiring soon from live performances. 

Elton John began as a staff songwriter where he met Bernie Taupin and from there they would become a successful songwriting team for many years. Their first hit was the beautiful song “Your song”. I am a fan of many of his songs, I have not listened to many of his albums to say much about them, but I do recognize the greatness of their music. 

For me, it begins with Your song, that was the first song I liked. I like the simple lyrics and simple melody and the sincerity of the love words written. 

Daniel is another song that I liked early on before going deeper into his music. The song has a beautiful lyric of missing someone. 

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters is one of my favorites songs from Elton, a love song to New York City, I just love the lyrics of the song. I think I first heard it in the film Almost Famous. 

House is an album song, for me, it is a funny story. My sister is a huge Elton fan and she was playing the album Made in England and I was sleeping in the next room, and I thought the music was part of the dream and I just loved the song, I don’t remember how I came to know that it was a song on an album, all I know is that it’s a beautiful song. 

Sacrifice is a song from the album Sleeping in the past. It is a beautiful song of love lost and two hearts living in separate worlds. 

This train don’t stop there anymore is one of his later years’ songs. I really like the tone of the lyrics of how he is not what he used to be. I liked the video where Justin Timberlake played Elton John. 

Roy Rogers is also one of my favorites. He writes this song for a tv hero, a cowboy named Roy Rogers. I have never seen that show, but I think of all my Roy Rogers that took me to other worlds. This song was part of the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road that has songs like Candle in the wind. 

The Last song is a really touching song, written as  AIDS was impacting the world, this song is about the love of a father to a son suffering from AIDS. One lasting image for me is the video montage at the end of the movie And the band played on listing the many people who died because of the disease. 

Someone saved my life is a song that Bernie as a close friend recognize what Elton was feeling, he tried to commit suicide at a time he was trapped in a relationship. 

Rocketman is another song that I really like, this one more the melody and Elton’s performance. 

The last song I will mention is Don’t let the sun go down on me, I just love the lyrics so much, Taupin really writes lyrics that allow vulnerability. 

I can’t wait to see the film, it has a bit of pressure because of Bohemian Rhapsody success.   

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