The Avengers: Endgame (2019) Only read if you saw the film.

For a spoiler free review click here.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo

Starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd. 

My first review of the film was short because I did not want to spoil anything, but enough weeks have passed and I want to go deeper into what I thought of the film. But if you have not seen it yet don’t read on.

The movie starts with Hawkeye and his family just as Thanos snaps his fingers and disappears half the planet. Those that remained are trying to find Thanos to try and reverse what he did. They find him but he had destroyed the stones, 5 years later Ant-man provides for a way to reverse what happened and defeat Thanos.  

I have to say that the film was truly epic and for a fan of the old comics book and someone who read the Infinity Stones story in the comic books this was really perfect. The changes they made to the original story worked better and even though it had a lot of characters each had their moment. They left a lot of things to be interpreted by the viewer, but I did not mind that all. 

I have heard people complain mainly about two things. Some did not like Hulk in this movie, I know that Hulk in the comics achieves the ability to be Bruce Banner while being the Hulk so I did not mind that at all and thought it was good to see the Hulk differently than just smashing everything, though that was fun. The other thing is what they did to Thor. I admit I was shocked at first but story-wise it made sense. The only thing is that I thought alcohol had no effect on him but apparently even the god of thunder is not inmune to excess. For me it made sense and still Thor battled valiantly and still fought like Thor. 

The movie is filled so many exciting moments. The moment Captain America uses Thor’s hammer was simply the best moment in the film for me. When finally all the heroes make their return was amazing and the battle sequence was filled with great action and each character has their moment. 

I have seen the movie three times and there are questions that are left maybe to the viewer’s point of view others we might get answers later on. But without a doubt this marked the end for actors Chris Evans and Tony Stark who along with Chris Hemsworth to me were the best in the MCU. Thor there are rumors he might join The Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ll have to wait and see. Others will still be seen in the new streaming service Disney +. 

This film was a fitting end to this saga that took 10 years and 22 movies. 

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