The Crow (1994)

Directed by Alex Proyas

Starring Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson

I was driving today and I was listening to music and the song Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails came up and reminded me of this great film, because the song appeared on the film on one of the coolest scenes on my movie when Eric Draven is running across the roofs of the city. The movie is based on a comic book by James O’ Barr that first appeared in 1989. It is of course known for being Brandon Lee’s last film, he was a charismatic actor that had a good future in movies. 

The story is about a rock star musician who gets killed with his fiancée by a gang that terrorize the city the night before Halloween, Devils Night they call it. Eric Draven is then brought back to life by a crow for him to get revenge on those who killed them and finally rest. He returns a year later on the same day and hunts down each of the gang members that were there that night. he gets the help of a police officer and a little girl who was a friend of them both before they died. 

The film has so many good things about it. the look of the film is dark and goes very well with the story. It is one of those films that I even remember the theater where I saw it and that I went with my mother and my best friend at that time. I became a huge fan of the film and to this day I still love the film. The scene where the character gets out of his grave was so impressive and so well done by Lee. I enjoyed the scenes and the way that the character avenges what happened to him.

Brandon Lee was phenomenal in the movie and it is the sad memory of the film, that an error resulted in his death during filming. I don’t know if that movie would have made him a bigger film star or not, all I know is he did a great job on that film. Ernie Hudson also gave a good performance I liked his character and he played well besides Brandon Lee. The movie also featured a great soundtrack. The songs are an integral part of the film and they sometimes enhance the scenes so much, like the example I gave before with the song Dead Souls. 

Of course, when a movie is successful there comes the sequels and with The Crow, it was no exception. They made four more films, but I think only the second one hit theaters, the other two went straight to video. The sequels to me were not good or as good as the first one. I liked the third one, The Crow Salvation with Kirsten Dunst, but the other ones were not really that good. 


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