Northern Rescue (Netflix)

Creators Mark Bacci, David Cormican and Dwayne Hill

Starring William Baldwin, Kathleen Robertson, Amalia Williamson, Spencer MacPherson, Taylor Thorne

This is family drama series streaming on Netflix. I started to see the series because I had not seen in a long time William Baldwin who made a lot of films in the 90’s like the excellent film Backdraft, and because of Kathleen Robertson who played Clair on the hit show Beverly Hills 90210. 

The story is about a family living in Boston, their father is a search and rescue commander, he is married to Sarah and they have three kids, Maddie, Scout, and Taylor. Their world is suddenly shattered when Sarah suddenly falls ill and dies. John gets offered a job in a town where his sister-in-law lives and they relocate there. There the family starts to rebuild their lives and start a new one while coping with the loss, each one of the kids’ faces different situations. 

So that is mainly what the show is about without giving details that are not given in the show’s synopsis in internet. In all honesty, I liked the show but not to the point where I have to see all the episodes quickly like I have for shows like Parenthood, This is Us and Blue Bloods to name a few. The main reason I watched the whole episodes was because of the story line of Maddie and her struggle with keeping a secret about her dead mother, her storyline really is what for me made me see all 10 episodes. the characters are likable, except Scout, I don’t know I did not like that character, nor did I like the other characters surrounding the main characters. I have to say that yes William Baldwin is a great actor and does a great job on the show. So, did Kathleen. It’s not a bad show at all, it has a nice story, but I think the story feels dragged on for a bit until the conclusion and the discovery of the truth.

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