A Pesar de Todo (Despite Everything) 2019

Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini

Starring Blanca Suarez, Belén Cuesta, Amaia Salamanca, Macarena García

A friend of mine wrote that she liked this film and I decided to give it a try. I enjoy foreing films and especially Spain films, they have unique stories and good comedic actors.

This story is a comedy-drama film. The story is about four sisters who each live in their own worlds, suddenly their mother dies and they find themselves together again. The twist comes when they go to find out her mother’s will and by a video their mother left behind they find out that they each have different fathers and that in order to get their share of the will they have to find their true fathers together. This will take the sisters on a journey of discovery that changes their lives. 

I found the movie to be very interesting. It had a Mamma Mia vibe with the daughters not knowing their fathers, but with that, I am not saying it’s a similar story. I liked the chemistry between the actresses that played the sisters. I liked the message that it sends that the most important thing is being around those we love. 

I admit I really don’t know anything about the cast, but I will say that the performances in the movie were really good. Blanca,Belén, Amaia and Macarena were all great in the film. the actor who played the painter was really funny. 

Overall, I think it was an entertaining film and towards the end very moving too. 


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