My favorite 15 albums.

Top 15 Albums!

Music has a beautiful power of bringing memories, taking you back to a certain time and places and sometimes it can even lift your spirits up. For as long as I can remember music has been an important part of my life. Whether I’m writing or listening, music is important to me. There are albums that I can listen over and over and not get tired of it and still admire the art and the songs. Today’s countdown will be for albums. These are mine, I believe everyone has their own favorites if you’d like, share yours in the comments. 

15. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys

This a beautiful album. Brian Wilson stepped away from touring and was able to produce an album full of different arrangements, great harmonies and different lyrics from the ones they were most known for. I don’t know how much of a band effort it was because when they arrived from touring the songs were basically done. This album Brian Wilson said was inspired upon listening to The Beatles Rubber Soul album, and Pet Sounds then inspired The Beatles Sgt. Pepper. 

14. New Jersey- Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi has remained successful for many years. For me, their best album is New Jersey and one of my favorite albums. I recently bought it on vinyl and it still sounds great. The songs are great, maybe one or two songs that you might say were not that great, but still were good songs. The first side completely is part of their greatest hits’ compilation, that is impressive.

13. VS. Pearl Jam

This is one of my favorite bands. I think Eddie Vedder is a talented lyricist. This was their second album and even though Ten had some great songs on it, this is really for me a better album. It has rock songs, pop songs and, slow songs raging from various subjects. Of all the bands that came after Nirvana made it big, Pearl Jam is for me the best of them all. 

12. Get a Grip – Aerosmith

The story of Aerosmith is an incredible one. they started in the ’70’s and became more famous in the late ’80’s when they reunited after having broken up. Permanent Vacation brought them back to making successful music, Pump took them further and with Get a Grip, they really hit it big. Crying, Amazing and Crazy were really big hits, I think the music videos helped a lot with that, but they are good songs. 

11. Love and theft – Bob Dylan 

The ’90’s saw Bob Dylan making great albums again, starting with Time out of mind in 1997. After that, he made the album Love and theft. Dylan in one of the most influential artists of all time and has delivered many great albums and for him to still be delivering great albums on his 5th.decade making music is incredible. Here Dylan is in great form both lyrically and musically. Mississippi is one of my favorite songs from the album. 

10. And Justice for All – Metallica

It was hard deciding between this album and Master of Puppets, I went with this one on the basis that both sides of the album are better in my opinion. The first half of the album is the strongest with Blackened, And justice for all, Eye of the beholder and One. 

09. Flaming Pie – Paul McCartney 

It is undeniable that McCartney is one of the most successful artists of all time and has many hits, but in terms of albums, only Band on the run was great as a complete album instead of few songs. For me, it was 1997’s Flaming Pie the album I consider his best. it is a simple album filled with great songs.

08. Imagine – John Lennon


Definitively this is John Lennon’s best solo record. Musically and lyrically Lennon is in top form. He learned how to make a commercial album while still expressing his views and opinions. Imagine is a beautiful song and his most known song, Jealous guy is a beautiful love song. I have to say that George Harrison’s contribution on guitar added a lot to the songs. 

07. Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin is a good band and this album showed they were determined to deliver a great album and they did. Right from the start, you know this will be a special album. Of course, the highlight is Stairway to heaven a song that takes you from a slow tempo to pure rock and the end with deep philosophical lyrics. 

06. Use your Illusions 1 and 2 – Guns N’ Roses

This was my first real favorite band. When they finally released their follow-up to Appetite for Destruction I was really excited and the first song that came out was featured on the movie Terminator 2 and the video was really cool with Arnold hunting down Axl. It is sad that after this one they broke up, but they left with a great album. This was a record I listen to constantly, I remember taking it everywhere and listening to it on my Walkman. There are so many good songs like November Rain, Coma, Don’t Cry, Estranged and many more. They were released separately on the same day that is why I consider it a double album. 

05. Rubber Soul – The Beatles 

I love this album by The Beatles. It showed such a huge step forward musically from their past albums. The lyrics started changing by the album help, but from Rubber Soul on The Beatles just progressed and deliver great album after great album. Lennon and McCartney were starting to write so much better, and they were already good songwriters. The harmonies in this album are so good, and songs like Nowhere Man, in my life, Michelle, Girl, Norwegian Wood, really almost the whole album, run for your life is the only song of The Beatles I don’t like that much. 

04. Per al meu amic – Joan Manuel Serrat 

I know this album will be unknown to most anyone that reads this list, but I had to include it because it’s truly one of my favorite albums. Joan Manuel Serrat is a singer from Spain, making music both in Spanish and Catalan. This is his best album in, my opinion, every song is lyrically beautiful and musically also. Helena is one amazing song, also changing tempo’s as the song moves along. 

03. Blood on the tracks – Bob Dylan

Dylan has denied that this album lyrics are based on his separation from his wife Sarah. That might be true, but the lyrics in this album deals with the strain on relationships with some of the best lyrics ever. this is one of the first albums I heard from Dylan and has remained one of my favorite albums. I just think Dylan is a true poet and, in this album, he is at the top of his game. 

02. Bridge Over troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel

This is truly Paul Simon’s best work in terms of the songs since he was the writer. The songs he wrote for this album are timeless poems put to beautiful music and sang with two voices that sound so beautiful together. The title track is for me one of the most beautiful songs ever, the lyrics are just so beautiful and Garfunkel sang it perfectly. Other notable songs include The Boxer, The Only Living Boy In New York and Song for the Asking.

01.The Beatles (The White Album) – The Beatles 

I remember the day I first listen to this album, I sat down on my room and played the album, reading the lyrics from the booklet and since then it has been my favorite album. After the great period of experimenting with sound, this album was a return to simple rock. This is the first album where the three songwriter all shined on a single album. Lennon’s contributions are among his best with songs like Dear Prudence, I’m so tired, Happiness is a warm gun, Sexy Sadie and Revolution. McCartney with the beautiful Blackbird, Mother nature’s son, Back in the USSR, Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-da and George with While my guitar gently weeps. History says that this album was the first that showed that they were drifting apart, but the newly remastered edition in the book you can see that most of the songs they played together. When it comes to The Beatles you can make a top 5 only of their albums, but for this list this is my favorite.    

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