My top 16 movie franchises.

Avengers Endgame has been incredible in the box office and has concluded an era that included 23 movies and some of the most iconic comic book characters. Marvel has in my opinion one unique franchise because it has many different titles united by the story. But there are many successful franchises and I wanted to count down my favorites and hopefully everyone can share theirs. 

16. Planet of the Apes – I am a fan of these films, don’t ask me why but I like them. I think the first one is the best one of those made in the ’60’s. And the movies they have made recently, in my opinion, have been really good. 

15.Jaws – This one I include because I am a real fan of sharks and even though this franchise is very flawed in the sense that the last two films were not that great, it still is a franchise that I watch the films and I still enjoy it. the first film of course is a true classic and one of the first summer blockbusters and the film that made Steven Spielberg known as a director. 

14. Nightmare on Elm Street – in the ‘80’s there were a lot of horror movie franchises, but this one remains my favorite. Freddy Krueger is truly an icon and there are a few films that you can say were not good, for me it has to be nightmare 2 and 5, the rest are all very good and each one goes to different directions and makes it a good series. 

13. Back to the Future – These are movies I really wish to see again, I have not seen them in a very long time, but I do remember really enjoying the three films. 

12. James Bonds – This has to be one of the longest running franchises ever. I like the Sean Connery films the most and the Roger Moore, I think after those I enjoyed the ones with Brosnan. But I did not like the ones with Daniel Craig even though I have heard they are good films. 

11. DC Universe – This is a franchise that has been heavily criticized, mainly because they are compared with the Marvel films. I for one have enjoyed their take on Superman, Man of Steele was a good movie and it was different than the ones before. Wonder Woman and Aquaman to me are the best films, although I enjoyed Justice League, the one thing I did not like was the casting and how they made the Flash character in the film. They should have used the actor that plays the Flash in the series. 

10. Lethal Weapon – If there is a franchise that really worked well in all movies is definitively Lethal Weapon. The first film is such a great film and Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are perfect and really play well against each other, and the rest of the films just build from that and adds characters that added to the movies. I liked that the actors remained the same for all films and I think those involved in production also. I even liked the series that started recently on Fox, but they killed Riggs and I stopped watching the show. 

9. Indiana Jones – What happens when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg get together, you get a classic adventure movie filled with fun and action. I remember really enjoying these films and still do when I get a chance to see them, my favorite is The Last Crusade where Sean Connery joins Harrison Ford on the adventure. The Last film they made was not bad but not memorable, it was cool to see it just because it was watching Ford once again in that iconic role. 

8. X-men – I putting this franchise in my top 10 because I considering the Wolverine solo films. I think the first two films, especially the second one, were really good films that had a great story, great characters, and awesome action scenes. The last stand I see it now and I can enjoy certain things in it but really feel that it just had so many wrong things in the movie. The Wolverine movies, maybe not including the first one, were really good movies. I really liked The Wolverine story of the Japanese he saved once wanting his powers to live forever and Logan is definitively the best of the Wolverine films. Of course, they ride on Hugh Jackman performance as Wolverine. The new X-men films I think have been very good, let’s see how the Dark Phoenix turns out, but I am not thrilled so far with the trailer. 

7. Star Wars – The original trilogy still stands as great films. The Star Wars franchise is one with hit and misses, but in the overall the stories are good and though not perfect, they are certainly good. The best one for me is The Empire Strikes Back. In terms of the prequels, they had good moments but also had bad moments. I know I might get a lot of haters for not putting Star Wars at least among the top 5, but I just feel that in an overall look, there are too many films that are just not that good. If it were just the original three films, yes, I would put it higher, but I can’t ignore the rest of the films. And I am not saying that they are not good. Because I liked them, but not as much as other franchises. 

6. Spiderman – I am a huge fan of Spiderman, and when I first saw Spiderman in something other than a cartoon I was so excited. The first two films are some of the best super hero films in my opinion, the third in all honesty was not that good they tried to put too much in the film. The they tried to start over with Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, what can I say, I liked Andrew and Emma Stone a lot, but there were a lot of flaws especially with Harry Osborn in the second film, I like that they went with the Gwen Stacy story line but I did not like the way they made the Green Goblin. 

5. The Godfather – A true masterpiece featuring some of the best actors of that generation in their first role and Marlon Brando in one of his best performances. The story of the Corleone Family, a mafia family, that with all intent on the part of the writer and director, you end up liking them even though they are criminals. I think the three films are great, the third one is regarded as the weakest, but I defend it just because Al Pacino I think gave another great performance on the film and really the only bad thing in the film was Sofia Coppola, a great director but she could not act. 

4. The Terminator – Honestly, I am ranking this franchise high because of Terminator 2, that movie is one of my all-time favorite films and I think the first two are too good. The rest of the sequels from Terminator 3 to the last one I have not liked at all. 

3. Lord of the Rings – This is a franchise that I admit at first, I thought it was overrated. But I finally gave up and decided to see the first one and I ended up loving them. Return of the King was the only one I saw in a movie theater and what an experience. I think it was the first film where the audience screamed and applauded on some scenes. Peter Jackson really did a fantastic job with these films. The special effects are awesome, especially the scenes with Legolas fighting the elephants. I know that Frodo and Sam are the main characters, but I really like most the other characters. The Hobbit films were not as great as the first trilogy, but still, they were really good. 

2. The Dark Night – Christopher Nolan really changed what a superhero film could be. He made it a serious film where the villains felt real and not cartoon-like. Of course, the highlight of the series is the performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker. The one flaw is the voice of Bale as Batman, but that, in my opinion, did not make his performance bad, on the contrary, I think he made a good Batman. The villains were played by very good actors from Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy. 

1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe – Yes, big surprise, but honestly few films in these first phases of the Infinity War story have been absolutely bad films, not perfect sure, but they are all still great films. For me is the connection between all those films leading up to Endgame that is now in theaters. I grew up on these comics and to see them brought to life in the way Marvel Studios has done it has been great. Every actor feels like they are the hero they played, led by the core of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. Even those films like the Guardians and Dr. Strange that I thought I would not like and when I finally saw them I really liked them. I don’t know what lies ahead, but with the new Spiderman film coming up soon I think the streak of good movies will continue. 

One thought on “My top 16 movie franchises.

  1. I must admit that I like most of the series that you mention: Star Wars, Lethal Weapon, The Terminator, The Godfather, Marvel, Nolan’s Batman, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, X-Man, ext. In my list, i would include the Harry Potter movies. I have read all the novels and I can say the first 5 movies were good adaptations of the books; movies 6-8 changed many important things, but they were still good movies. And the new Fantastic Beasts movie series, is really good as well.


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