Unicorn Store (2017)

Directed by Brie Larson

Starring Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack, Bradley Whitford. 

I stumbled into this film on Netflix and saw it out of curiosity and because it was directed by Brie Larson, popular right now for playing Captain Marvel. I liked her performance in the movie Room, so I decided to see it. 

The story is about Kit, she failed as a painter and returned home to her parents. Feeling like she was a disappointment she then decides to change everything about who she was and take a job as a temp in an advertising company. Then she receives a mysterious letter inviting to her “The Store” where she will find what she needs. She has to do some things in order to prove that she is worthy of having a unicorn, something she wanted as a kid and still believed that a unicorn was her best friend. She gets help from Virgil to build a place for the unicorn, he thought it was for a horse. 

Is one of those of movies where you choose how you perceive the film. It has elements of fantasy but it can also be seen metaphorically. The character was lost and the “Salesman”, played by Jackson, used the unicorn she always wanted to guide her in finding herself and learning to love herself and others. I found myself hooked to the film to see how it would end. It’s a nice film, it had a good story and, at least for me, the characters were likable and you wanted to see what would be of them. 

Brie Larson was very good in the movie, she really gave a colorful performance. The whole cast was very good in the movie. I think it was a good movie, maybe if you’re in the mood for something light with a good story, you could catch this movie on Netflix. 

I read that the movie has gotten really bad reviews and I don’t agree or disagree, like I said if your in the mood for a light film see it, if you’re looking for a masterpiece then pass this movie by. But then again that is what movies are for or all art, some will like it some will not. 


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