The Front Runner (2018)

Directed by Jason Reitman 

Starring Hugh Jackman, Vera Farmiga, J.K. Simons, Alfred Molina.

Based on the true story of presidential candidate Gary Hart, this film takes a look at the line the media sometimes crosses and the moral issues on politics. 

The movie takes a look at three specific weeks where Heart went from being the favorite to win the presidency of the United States to being forced todrop out of the race when a scandal of an affair broke in the newspapers. Based on what I read it was the first time this kind of coverage from the media happened in politics. The story takes a look at how this affected his campaign, his family and those who worked for him. 

As I write this review of the film, I have to say I’m finding it hard to pick a side. On one hand, I don’t agree with the media ambushing people in their homes, like waiting in their lawn, and going after family members for the sake of news. This is a point Gary clearly makes, that there are limits even if he is a public figure. Of course, today I believe its worse, but it seems at that time it was not common. On the other side, he was running for a very important position and preaching moral values, and it seems he believed he could get away with anything and not be held accountable. I don’t judge the reporters for reporting the story, I judge the way they went about it, but that is just my point of view. 

I thought that the movie was interesting and I enjoyed it, but I think it lacked something to make it more memorable. The thing that stands out in this film are the performances. Hugh Jackman is great in this film and really carries the film with his performance. But he had a great supporting cast. Vera Farmiga played the role of Hart’s wife, J.K. Simons was brilliant in his role as part of the campaign staff and Alfred Molina also gave a great performance. 

If you like politics and films on that subject, you might enjoy the film, if not I would skip this one. Like I said, the performances were great and the film is not bad, but at the same you could find other movies to see if politics don’t interest you.

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