Marvel and DC: From the comics to the movies.

This week we finally got the premier of The Avengers Endgame, meaning the end of 10 years of movies leading up to the final battle of earth mightiest heroes. Obviously, it does not mean the end of Marvel movies, but it is not known if these characters and the actors that have been portraying them will be back. But the ride has been a good one, the stories were right for most of the films and the actors were the right choices. They really planned it well and executed if almost perfectly. DC had more success in movies at the beginning with the one that really started it Superman in 1978.

I can’t remember the age exactly, but I do remember a time where my mother and father would take me every Saturday to a comic book store and I bought at least 10 or more comic book titles. Then a friend and I would go home and sit in the backyard and read them. It was fun entering that world of heroes and villains. It had a very good combination of the images and the stories. Marvel had my favorite characters, but I did read Superman and Batman from DC comics. 

Comics in movies I think the first really successful one was Superman with Christopher Reeves. In television comic book heroes had cartoons and Superman and Batman that were live action series. But in the movies in my opinion the first that achieved the feel of a comic book and with the technology back then it looked like Superman could fly. To this day the first two movies stand out as great films. Of course, with the technology of today the movies look so much better, a reason why I think Marvel waited for so long to really enter into the movies. But DC had success with Superman and of course Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, for me Batman Forever was good but the last one of that series was really bad. But for Batman really the best thing Burton did was the look of Gotham and Michael Keaton to this day is one of the best to put on the cape crusaders cape. Batman got a big revival recently with Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman. Those movies were different, the stories were more serious in tone, the performances were top caliber, and Heath Ledger’s Joker was perfect. That movie I think made an impact on what comic book films could be. 

For Marvel the first film I remember was The Punisher (1989) with Dolph Lundgren. To this day I still think that is the true Punisher movie, I don’t like that much the movies they have made of that character. I hope Marvel gets into that character but I doubt it because of the violent nature of the character. X-Men arrived in 2000 and the best one of that series was X2. This first films were before Marvel took control of the movies, these characters were licensed to other studios for films. For me the most waited movie came in 2002, Spiderman has always been my favorite character and to finally see him swing through the city, not in a cartoon was great. I think Sam Raimi did a great job in the first two films, the third one was not perfect and Venom was badly cast and badly used in the film. The Fantastic Four movies, that featured Chris Evans as The Human Torch, were enjoyable but had it flaws. The Wolverine movies I liked especially the last two, and Hugh Jackman played that character perfectly and, in my opinion, will be hard to replace. Some movies have been released along with the Marvel Studios MCU universe, like the X-men new class and Venom. I liked X-men Days of future past but the rest have been good but not great in my opinion. Movies I like to forget Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Hulk, and War zone. They were fun to watch the first time. 

Then came Iron Man and the start of the MCU universe. I have never seen a studio achieve what they have achieved, they connected 22 movies in 10 years. I can’t say that every film is perfect, there were some that I did not like that much like Iron Man 3, but not liking maybe 3 out of 22 films is not bad at all. The thing they got right was the casting, Robert Downey Jr. was Tony Stark, Chris Evans captured the essence of Captain America and Chris Hemsworth was great as Thor. It has been a fantastic ride for me as a comic book fan to see all the heroes I use to read on comics in the big screen and even those like the Guardians of the Galaxy that I never got to read and met in the movies and ended up loving them. 

I don’t know what lies ahead in the Marvel Universe or if I will these characters again in films, so this a love letter to those heroes who spent time with me those Saturdays in my backyard, it was good seeing you in the movie screen. 

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