Warheads on Foreheads-Megadeth (2019)

Various Producers

The story of this band will forever be linked with one of the most successful metal bands of all time Metallica. The founding member of Megadeth is Dave Mustaine was the lead guitarist in Metallica and as they were about to record their album Kill em’ all, he was fired for substance abuse and differences with James and Lars. It was then when with Ellefson he formed a new band to be faster and better than Metallica. It is clear that they achieved their own level of success but never at the same level of Metallica. But in Mustaine’s credit, he did succeed after being fired from the band, and in these cases I think he is one of the rare cases this happens. I think the main reason for his success is that he is a talented songwriter as I think he is the main songwriter in the band. And they have lasted over 35 years and because of this they have released a compilation album to commemorate all those years of music. 

I admit that I use to like a very few songs from Megadeth. And I had a Greatest Hits album with fewer tracks. One day I was in a record store and they were playing the album and I liked some songs I never heard before. So, I decided to buy the album. I think the only flaw might be Mustaine’s voice, but at the same time it goes well with the songs. The music is what I really enjoyed, they have good guitar riffs and the lyrics are very good. 

The album itself has 35 tracks spanning their entire discography. From Killing is my Business to Dystopia their best songs are included. I think this is perfect for a fan like me that would not buy every album to have their best songs. I was surprised with one song that had the music of the Metallica classic The Four Horsemen, but Mustaine wrote the music too so he used it I guess. The highlight songs for me are Sweating Bullets, Train of consequences, In my darkest hour, Tornado of souls and really most of the 35 tracks are very good. 

Like I said I recommend this album for the casual fan who does not have all the albums. 

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