Creed II (2018)

Directed by Steven Caple Jr.

Starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren 

I don’t know why, but these Rocky films somehow manage to always be entertaining and have a good story. The first four Rocky films were very good movies, Rocky 5 is the one I think was not very good. Then in 2006 Stallone decided to bring back the beloved character again and I confess, I went to see it for a laugh because I thought it was going to be bad, and it wasn’t. Then came the idea for Rocky to train Apollo Creed’s son. 

In this film, Creed becomes world champion. Meanwhile, in Russia, Drago’s son is rising in the boxing world and a promotor goes over there to make him challenge Creed. It was a fight many wanted to see because of the history behind their fathers. The story is mainly how this affects Creed and those close to him. 

I started seeing this film more because of the presence of both Lundgren and Stallone, their fight in Rocky 4 was so great, that movie is for me the best in the series, or tied with the first one. One thing that Stallone knows how to do, is writing a screenplay that feels true to the old characters, and make the new ones interesting. I liked how the film showed how losing to Rocky affected Ivan Drago’s life. In one point I said to myself that I would fast forward to see how it ends, and I found myself unable to do so. In this kind of movie is hard to be a 100% original because of all the boxing and sports movies that have been made. But these Rocky films many times manages to include a new take on the story. 

I believe that by now Stallone does not have to put much effort into playing Rocky Balboa, with this character, especially in the recent films, he always manages to give a great performance. Lundgren was great reprising his famous role as Drago. Michael B. Jordan is a very talented actor and he also gives a standout performance in the film, after all, he is the same actor that for me stole the show in Black Panther. 

I really enjoyed how this film was made and that there were things that I thought would be different and they went another direction. 

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