Juliet, Naked (2018)

Directed by Jesse Perezt

Starring Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne

This is the kind of movie that surprises you. It had a nice story and the two main characters are not perfect but you end up caring for them.

The film is mainly about Annie. She has been with her boyfriend for 15 years and she is feeling unhappy in the relationship. He is an obsessed fan of an American musician who one day vanished. When he receives a cd from demos of his favorite album, their lives are altered because he could not believe that Annie did not like the demos. The twist comes when she writes a review on the cd in a website and the artist reads it and they begin to talk by e-mail. The American artist is Tucker Crowe and he has his owns situations he is dealing with. 

I really enjoyed this film. I think the story touches on themes that are common to everyone. Through the main characters, both experienced and talk about regret, not being satisfied with things in their life and trying to get better now that they life that has brought change into their lives. I like that the story is real, nothing felt forced. The performance of Ethan Hawke and Rose Byrne were really good, along with Chris O’ Dowd, I liked that they did not go in the direction to make him a funny character while making him an exaggerated character. The character was funny but at the same time there is change and progression in the character.  

The movie is enjoyable and really worth seeing it, it’s a nice story and interesting, not the best movie or anything, but not bad at all.



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