Street Legal (1978) Bob Dylan

Produced Don DeVito

I just purchased this album on vinyl and decided to write something about the album. I think Bob Dylan is such a unique artist. His songs are so varied and he has an ability to write songs with words that captivate no matter how long the song might be. They can go from stories to love songs to social themes. 

This album comes before his gospel period, and after the Rolling Thunder Review. This might be the last album from a golden era in his career where he released albums like Blonde on Blonde, Highway 69 Revisited, Bringing it back home, Blood on the tracks and Desire. 

This album is far from his best albums but yet it has some songs that are interesting and great. My favorite from the album is Changing of the Guards. To this day I can’t say what the song is about or the meaning of the words, but yet I find myself loving the song so much. The other song that I consider is one of the best is the song Is your love in vain. 

There are artist that their bad albums are still better than many other albums around, that is the case with Dylan and this album in my opinion. 

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