Bumblebee (2018)

Directed by Travis Knight

Starring Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg, Jr.

I grew up on the Transformers cartoons, I use to love them and the toys were awesome. The movies, in my opinion, get worse with each new one. the first one was good and the second, from there on I lost interest in spending almost three hours on those films. I was told that Bumblebee was different and that the transformers were more similar to the classic cartoon, so I decided to give it a shot. 

The film begins with a war on Cybertron and the autoboots are retreating and they send Bumblebee to earth so later the autoboots go there and form a base to then attack the Decepticons and take Cybertron back. Bumblebee arrives at a place the army is doing some exercise and from that encounter Bumblebee is a target of the army. The basic story is both the army and Decepticons searching for Bumblebee and he getting help from the girl he meets. 

I am going to start with the positive. The intro was great and the Transformers were like the classic cartoon and that got me excited. To see soundwave actually releasing cassettes that turned in the dogs was so great. Optimus looked like he used to, the voice thankfully has always been the same, but this time his appearance seemed familiar. The same with Bumblebee, more in the sense that he was a beetle car. The fights were clearer and they were good. 

Now the bad, the story is more the same. I wish that for once the human was not the center of the story. It feels like the story always focuses on the kid that meets bumblebee. Also, I don’t like the constant presence of the military in these films. I understand the humans are part of the series but the film just focuses on them too much. If it would have kept the focus on the battle of all Decepticons vs the Autobots it would have been a better film. I think it was more of the same, Bumblebee trying to adjust to houses and humans, it got tiring. Also, I don’t know why they insist on not letting Bumblebee speak, I don’t remember him not being able to speak in the classic cartoons. 

The first minutes felt promising but by half the film I was just waiting for it to be over. I like the style of the transformers but the story just felt more of the same. Maybe I just would like to see something closer to the transformers I remember. 


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