Ant-Man (2015)

Directed by Peyton Reed

Starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña.

This was the only movie of the MCU that I had yet to see, and as matter of fact, the only one I did not cover when I talked about the films leading up to Avengers Endgame. Today I finally saw the first Ant-Man and it proved that Marvel knows what it does. 

The movie starts with a young Hank Pym refusing to give his technology to a corporation and walking out on them. He started a company and his protégé was developing the very technology he wanted to keep a secret. with Scott Lang getting out of prison, he reunites with his friend Luis and tries to do things right and be a part of his daughter’s life. This is complicated when he keeps getting fired because of his past. To prevent Darren from selling the technology, Hank trains Scott to become Ant-man and steal the suit Darren created. 

When I was young I used to read a lot of comic book titles, but I never read Ant-Man, or at least I don’t remember. I did know of him, mainly because he was part of the Secret Wars crossover story. Maybe that’s why I was not motivated to go to the theaters to see the film like for the other characters. A mistake I won’t make again. The same thing happened with Guardians of the Galaxy and when I saw them I ended loving them. 

I have to say I really enjoyed this movie. It had a good story, it was funny and the action was really good. I have to say that Michael Peña really stole every scene he was in, he was really funny in this film, or at least he made me laugh a lot. 

The film was really good, I knew I was going to like it because I did see the sequel and I enjoyed it.

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