Like Arrows (2018)

Directed by Kevin Peeples

Starring Micah Lynne Hanson and Alan Powel

I want to be completely honest and open in this review. I am a Christian, and at first, there were good faith-based films being released. I can say Facing the Giants had good moments and teachings in the film. My favorites are Fireproof and Courageous, in fact, those two were the last faith-based films that I liked and did not feel as if they were using God to make a movie, I felt they had a sincere purpose and message. Having said that, Like Arrows is the best one I have seen in a while. It is unfair to judge production and other aspects with films that have more budget and studio support. But they are getting better in terms of performances and actors playing the parts.

The movie is the story of Charlie and Alice, they were a couple that will have a baby and decides to keep it and get married and start a family. The movie shows glimpses of how they handled the challenge of family life, starting with Ronnie, then they had Kate, then Josh and they adopted a girl named Faith. Without entering into details, this is a film of redemption, forgiveness and growing as a family. I believe the message is relevant as to the need the children have for the parents to be involved and to focus on so much and not only of making sure they eat and have success.

I agree with the movie and believe that Jesus can guide us as parents and has given parents a big responsibility. But even if you don’t believe in Jesus, there is a lot you can get out of this film. To realize that your kids need your time at all ages, the importance of the things you say and the model you are as a father are things that we all must pay attention as parents. And I think the biggest thing we must realize is time passes quickly and sometimes we put all our attention to everything except our kids, and just because they are good we think we are doing a good job.

The actors really I have not seen them before except Alex Kendrick who plays Josh at 47 years of age. I found that the actors who played Charlie and Alice had good chemistry and both were good in their performance and gave a certain charm to the film.

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