Uncle Drew (2018)

Directed Charles Stone III

Starring Kyrie Irvin, Lil Rei Howery, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Leslie Robinson.

Of all the sports, Basketball has always been my favorite. I admit today’s NBA is not the same and I lost my love for it. In terms of films for some reason, I’ve liked more movies related to baseball or even football. Films like Field of Dreams, The Replacements and Major League are a few films that I can mention now that I liked. There is one film related to Basketball that I think is really a good movie and its White men can’t jump with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. So, I got to see the movie Uncle Drew with all-star player Kyrie and retired greats like Shaq, Reggie Miller, and Chris Webber.

The movie starts explaining the legend of a player named Uncle Drew that was the best player in the street tournament known as the Rucker, it ended with him disappearing. Then we see Dax as a young orphan kid that upon seeing Michael Jordan play fell in love with the game and develop as a good player until he gets his shot blocked and the team lost the game. In the present, he is a coach looking to win the tournament. After the same man that blocked his shot steal his best player, he looks for a new team. He goes to a court where he sees Uncle Drew play the game, upon seeing him play he talks him into playing for him with the condition that he picks the roster. He recruits his old teammates and mends the relationships with them.

I started to see the movie without many expectations, but it was entertaining. It had a lot of things that were obvious in this kind of film like childhood failure, the same childhood factor coming to the present to still affect the character. And of course, in the games themselves, it is hard not to fall on clichés and things done before. What I ended up liking was the story of friendship and how no matter the years it’s a bond that remains and it can be mended if broken. I know it was meant to be a funny film but I can’t say that I laughed a lot, comedy is the hardest kind of movie to act on and NBA players are not actors and it showed, Shaq is a clown and funny but, in this film, that part of him was not exploited like for example in Grown Ups.

It is an entertaining movie and it has its moments, but still, my favorite basketball movie remains White Men Can’t Jump.










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