Pump up the volume (1990)

Directed by Allan Moyle

Starring Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis

I remember this film to be controversial at the time because of the subject. This was a film I saw many times and even today I enjoy it.

Mark Hunter is a shy kid at school, he starts a pirate radio show where he lets out his anger and frustrations. He expreses his views and opinions, no matter the subject. I think at first he thinks no one listens. The kids at the school quickly start listening to him and even calling him for advice. His show created a lot problems between the adults and the teenagers of the suburban town. The FCC is called to investigate until Mark is found and arrested.

I think this is very good movie, part of the many films at the time that dealt with suicide and other things that kids went through. Rebellion is at the center of this film. I have to say that the film sends a bad message about parents because at least Mark’s parents cared about him, he just shut them out. I think what I get out of the film as I look back on it and based on what I remember, is that as parents we must find ways to show we understand what they go through.

The best thing in the film is Christian Slater’s performance. He really acted without inhibitions when he was Hard Harry and really acted like a loner when he was Mark at school. I think he is a great actor and he really made great films and memorable characters. But for me this one was his best.

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