Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Directed by Taika Waititi

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchet, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins

This is considered the best of the Thor films and with reason. It really has everything, action, story, and humor.

The film starts with Thor being captured by a fire demon and there he is told about Ragnarok, an event that will destroy the realms. After Thor escapes and returns to Asgard he discovers that Loki is impersonating their father and makes him go with him to find Odin. Once they find him, they are told about a sister they had that Odin considered dangerous and he imprisoned her but with Odin dying she would be free and try to rule. When she arrives, she defeats Thor and Loki and sends them to a remote planet where he is captured and taken to another planet where he is forced to fight in a Conquest of Champions where he finds the Hulk. After that, they team up, including Loki, to goa fight Hela.

I loved the opening scene when Thor fights the fire demon and it was largely because of the Led Zeppelin song they used, it fitted perfectly with the scene. This was a different Thor movie, Thor was now a funny character and the tone of the film felt different. Loki always added to the humor of the film, but now it was the overall tone in the film. The story was interesting, it was weird seeing Thor without the hammer, but that did not ruin the film in any way. It was, of course, the film that led us directly to Infinity War so it was an important film to see.

In terms of the cast, it is worth talking about the performance of Cate Blanchett. She was so good as Hela. And of course, as always Loki is for me the best thing in these films, I just love that character and Hiddleston is so good in the role.

I think the best thing Marvel does if that at least, in my opinion, the stories progress rather than simply adding a villain. That is achieved mainly by controlling all the characters and creating a sense of connection that was never available before because different studios had rights or never thought of unifying the stories. This was a very entertaining movie.

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