Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Directed by Jon Watts

Starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., and Marisa Tomei

Finally, Spider-Man entered the MCU after a deal was reached with Sony to allow it. It was exciting seeing my favorite character in the Captain America film and now he was getting his own movie.

The film begins with Adrain Toomes and his company working to clean up the city after the attack on the city when Loki invaded with his army. The job gets taken from them and in anger, Toomes keeps the Chitari technology to make weapons and sell them. Meanwhile, Peter Parker in high school trying to balance his school life while being Spider-Man. He is basically trying to impress Tony Stark so he can become a part of the Avengers. One night Spider-Man stops one of Toomes men selling the gun and proceeds to study one of the arms left behind. In the process, he faces the Vulture. All of this gets complicated as he begins to discover more about the Vulture.

I was really excited about this film and left the theater a bit disappointed. It had many good things and I liked the villain chosen for the film. But I was a bit tired of the fact that Spider-Man was so desperate to please Stark. The rest of the things in the movie were fine and I enjoyed it. But as a big Spider-Man fan I did not leave the movie like for the Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films.

The cast were all good choices. I had no problem with Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield as the character, but Tom Holland did a good job as both Parker and Spider-Man. Micheal Keaton added a lot to the movie, he is a talented actor and was good as the Vulture. It was weird and different seeing a young Aunt May, but Marisa Tomei is a good actress and made it work. It was different but it worked.

I have many hopes for the next Spider-Man Far from home movie, that one has me excited and can’t wait to see it.

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