Dr. Strange (2016)

Directed by Scott Derrickson

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Benjamin Bratt

After Civil War, Marvel released Dr. Strange. I never followed this character in the comics so this movie was all new for me because I did not know much of the character’s story.

The film starts with a sorcerer and his followers steal a page from a mystical book. Then we get the first look at Dr. Strange operating a man in the hospital. He is arrogant and likes to show off to other doctors and only seems to want to take patients where he can shine and not really to help people. After suffering a terrible car accident that affected his arms he tries many procedures to heal himself. In rehab, he is told of a man who could not walk that later on the nurse found that he was walking again because he saw him. He then goes to the place where the other man was healed. And there he meets the Kamar-Taj where he is trained in the mystic arts. He then fights the sorcerer that stole the page to stop him from using dark powers.

I will start with the good. The visuals were amazing. The whole fight scene where the streets change constantly looked great, it reminded me of Inception a little bit. For me, the film was good, can’t say that I loved it. It had its good moments, but I don’t like the character much. The story was interesting but after a while, I kind of got a bit tired of it and just wanted the end to come. This is one Marvel movie that I’m glad I saw but probably won’t see again.

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