Die Hard (1988)

Directed John McTiernan

Starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia.

A good movie no matter how many years pass it always great. Today I saw on TV the movie Die Hard and enjoyed it like it was my first time seeing it. It reminded of a time with a lot of action stars and action films that were both fun and with quality.

John McClain a detective going to meet his wife in an office party to try and reconcile. Suddenly, the building is held captive by a group of terrorists who plan to steal bearer bonds that were in the vault. When McClain realizes the situation he starts taking down the terrorist one by one. On the outside, he communicates with LAPD officer Powell.

This was a huge hit and at the time a very realistic action movie. Arnold and Sylvester could take armies and getting little scratches, Willis in this one gets shot, broken glass on his feet, has to throw himself from the top of a building and really ends up badly wounded. That makes the film more suspenseful, even though we know he will win in the end the question was how and how badly he would end up.

This was a huge role for Bruce Willis, he really did a great job with his performance, it was funny and he handled the action well. Alan Rickman was also good as the main terrorist. I think this was a good franchise at least until the third one, after that they became ordinary action films were the main character does incredible stunts, it loss the realistic aspect of the first films.

I know this movie is a bit old, but I saw it today and decided to write about the film.

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