Battle of the sexes 2017

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Starring Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Bill Pullman, Elizabeth Shue

I knew about the match that took place in 1973 and I knew a little about Billy Jean King. So when I heard about the movie and saw the two actors involved, I wanted to see it. In a time where women athletes were not being treated equally or paid at least fairly compared to the men, King led other females tennis player to form their own league and fight for equal treatment. And with that as a background, the match between Riggs and King had a lot of value, not just a crazy retired player playing the best female tennis player. Basically that’s the main story in the movie, obviously, we get to see both characters personally and see what they were going through.

The movie starts with female tennis players trying to get equal pay from the matches when denied they go on tour with their own league. Meanwhile, Bobby Riggs, a retired player, is in a support gambling group because his wife makes him go, but he keeps on gambling. He then gets the idea to make money challenge women to play against him in a tennis match. He beats the number one ranked woman in tennis, and after that Billy Jean King accept to face him.

I think the movie is well done. I liked the way the tennis matches were filmed. Emma Stone continues to demonstrate she is one of this generations best actresses, she could earn an Oscar nod for this one. She does a great job in this movie. And Steve Carrel is so good in this one, he is funny but not because he is a comedian, the character he plays was a clown and Carrell does it perfectly. To me he is like Jim Carrey, I like his serious roles more than the rest of his performances. Steve Carrel won me over in this film, just like he did in Little Miss Sunshine. Sarah Silverman, Elisabeth Shoe, and Bill Pullman do great in their supporting roles.

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