Dumbo (2019)

Directed by Tim Burton

Starring Michael Keaton, Collin Farrel, Eva Green, Danny DeVito.

It is something Disney studios is doing now, turning the classic Dumbo animated movie into live action. In some cases it is interesting and in some cases, it adds more story than the animated movies. Beauty and the Beast, for example, added new scenes not included in the original. This week Dumbo is released as the new live version of the classic story.

The plot is basically a circus that bought a pregnant elephant hoping it could bring more income to the circus. When they see the baby and his ears the owner decides to hide him. The kids of the person in charge of the elephants begin to take care of the baby and they see that he could fly. The owner sells Dumbo’s mother and the kids tell Dumbo that if he performs for the circus with the money they make they could buy back his mother. When the world sees the flying elephant it attracts a powerful man with a park who wants Dumbo to attract an investor.

I have to say I enjoyed the film. Tim Burton style is clear in the movie. But that is a good thing, I remember liking his version of Alice in Wonderland. The film is entertaining, the effects sometimes did not look so good but that hardly affects the story or the film from being entertaining.

The cast did a great job on the film. I particularly enjoyed Danny DeVito’s performance, it was good to see him again on film. Micheal Keaton was also great and good to see him back with Burton, hopefully, Beetlejuice is next!

I don’t remember the classic animated movie to say if the film added new things or was it identical to the animated movie. Still, my daughter really enjoyed it so it is a good family film.

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