The Beatles “Love Songs”

Love Songs The Beatles (1977)

The tracks were produced by George Martin and Phil Spector (The Long and Winding Road)

During the decade of the 1970s, there were many Beatles albums released that have not been released in CD mainly because they are compilations and not really new material. There was a Rock and Roll album, an album of the film songs and this one, an album of love songs.

I found the LP on eBay and quickly bought it because it was a cassette my father had and I listened to it with him. But other than that is a good collection of beautiful songs. Even though they are available on other albums it was nice to have them all together. Remember that during those years no one could make their own playlist on an iPod and bring together songs and listen to them outside the original album.

The collection features most of the most beautiful love songs. I think they could have included ballads to include other songs like Across the Universe, Let it be and Here comes the sun. But nonetheless this collection has Yesterday, I’ll follow the sun, For no one, She’s leaving home and other great tracks.

The vinyl package is really nice, the cover is leather like and has a re-working of a picture of the band taken in 1967. It has a booklet with the lyrics written in calligraphy that looks really nice.

I’m glad I have the vinyl because I doubt that this will be released again.

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