More Blood, More Tracks (2018) Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan “More Blood, More tracks”

It is amazing for an artist to have a series of albums of outtakes and songs not released on the albums. The first three entries were the best and it included some amazing songs that for any other artist they would have made it to an album. The series includes concert releases and things that were only found on bootleg purchases. Recently though they are releasing outtakes that are too repetitive.

So now we get “More Blood, more tracks” based only on outtakes from the Blood on the tracks sessions. That album is considered, and I agree, as Dylan’s masterpiece. The story is that he had the record ready to be released and suddenly decided to re-record the whole album leaving the New York sessions on the shelf.

I got the one cd version rather than the deluxe edition, mainly because it contains basically the same songs more than three times. It is too expensive and not really necessary and since it does not include any songs that were unreleased it is not really worth the cost or spending that much money on it. Having said that, I still think this Bob Dylan’s best album.

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