20th Century Women (2016)

Directed by: Mike Mills

Starring Annette Benning, Billy Crudup, Elli Fanning, and Luca Jade Zumann and Greta Gerwig.

I stumbled on this by accident, I wanted to see a film that I knew little and this one caught my attention. It is based on the director’s life, he was inspired by his mother and sister as he felt he was raised by both of them (Wikipedia, 2019).

The movie centers on the lives of five people. The main characters are Dorothea and Jamie. They are a mother and son that are trying to connect with each other. They rent rooms in the house and with them live Abby and William. Dorothea is trying to connect with her son, thinking that he needs help in becoming a man she asks Abby and Jamie’s best friend Julie to help her in taking care of her son. Through both of them, he learns about women and has different experiences until her mother believes they have gone too far. As Jamie struggles in growing up, Dorothea also struggles with being a mother and trying to change, step out to the world again, she goes to a club with Abby and William, listens to current music. When Jamie runs away with Julie hoping to be with her, he tells her that she loves her and she says she can’t be with him. he runs away and when he returns, he confronts his mother and finally lets her know what was bothering him.

I have to say I liked the movie, I don’t know if it is a film anyone would see more than once, but it is a good film. For me it’s a movie centered on the characters and what they go through, nothing in the story felt forced and they kept things pretty real. I think the film gets you to care about the characters and at least for that is why I had to finish it. The movie is slow and really has not big plot lines, so I don’t recommend it for everyone, but if you enjoy a good drama film where you can enjoy a story and get lost in the performances, this is a good movie.

Annette Benning is fantastic in this movie, she really nailed it as Dorothea. She is distant yet you get to care about her. For me, Billy Crudup and Anette Benning really were great in the movie. There is a really funny scene where both of them try to understand the Punk scene and the rivalry between fans of The Talking Heads and Black Flag, seeing them learning to dance to the music was a really good scene.

I can’t say that this is the best movie ever, but let’s say that it had a good story with interesting characters and a great study of life. I think the best thing the movie has are the characters and the performances, they were the reason I finished the film.


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