Growing up with the movies

I know recently I wrote about 80’s films, but here I make it a little more personal that’s why I decided to delete the other ones and just publish this. I found on YouTube the movie Gleaming the Cube with Christian Slater and when it was over I started to think of the many movies that I grew up with and those special times when I saw them.


I think everyone thinks of things they did, saw or hear when they were growing up as something special and time could pass and nothing replaces the memory they have of those things. It’s late at night and I’m in front of my computer seeing videos on YouTube of films I have not seen in a while that I remember seeing a lot in my younger years. And films might improve on technology and some films can be done now that were too hard before and that is a good thing. But for me, there is just something special about the movies I use to see as I was growing up.


As I saw those videos of scenes and trailers, I could remember films I saw with friends, mostly I remember my sister, as many of those films we saw together at home, even those films we would have to wait for our mother to go to sleep. I also remember going to the movies with our father, we saw a lot of good films together. I have to say, I really enjoyed growing up now as I look back there was better than bad. I can’t say that any of these movies are masterpieces, they were just films that I enjoyed and left an impression on me.


I remember the Disney movies, me and my sister loved films like The Apple dumpling gang, The Happiest Millionaire, Swiss Family Robinson and the Gnome Mobile among others. We enjoyed these movies a lot, at least as far as I remember. This was a time of home video clubs and that made movies accessible and more reachable than digital, at least I find the digital rental to be a bit expensive, Redbox has a good price but does not have a lot of classic movies. I can also remember going to the theater to see the He-man movie that introduced She-Ra, I can’t remember why but I brought a toy of one of the villains to the film.


I can also remember films like Edwards Scissorhands, it was such a weird film but I really liked it and Johnny Depp was amazing in it and Winona Ryder too. Winona Ryder was also in the movie Heathers; my sister and I saw the film many times too. Many movies of that time had suicide themes in them. I remember the movie Permanent record with Keanu Reeves, a film where a student who apparently had everything killed himself and left the note to Reeve’s character and the movie deals with how his friends cope with his loss. Pump up the volume was another movie that dealt with teenagers struggling with suicide and relating to the adults. Christian Slater plays the role of this guy who steals a signal to do a radio show where he speaks his mind and gains a huge following from other kids in his school.


On the scary side, my next-door neighbors introduced me to a lot of films that later on would not let me sleep. I remember seeing with them the Halloween movies, Pet Cemetery and The Exorcist. I also remember the Child’s Play movies, I liked them especially the third one. of course, the two main horror films were the Friday the 13th movies and the Nightmares on Elm Street, I was more of a Freddy fan, but I remember both films and their sequels. I even remember the tv series they made of those two franchises. One film I remember, it was supposed to be horror, but it was of a cult classic was the film Killer Clowns from Outer Space, it was scary and funny and to this day when I see it, I enjoy it. And if my sister read this she would say this was incomplete if I left out Gremlins, because I rented that movie a lot! I liked the Snow-White scene. I also remember a classic horror section in Blockbuster and I got to see the classic Dracula and Frankenstein movies, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.


When it comes to drama movies, I remember seeing the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest on HBO and that movie really impacted me and that before I even could appreciate who Jack Nicholson was. It was more into the ’90s my father introduced to Al Pacino by renting Serpico one day, that was I think the first movie that I liked of Pacino and still one of my favorites. Scent of a Woman was another movie I saw a lot. The Prince of Tides was another movie that really left an impression on me and to this day is still a movie that I can see and still love it, not love the situations that the movie touches on, but appreciate the movie and Nolte’s performance. Mr. Holland’s Opus was another film that I saw with my father in the theater, it was a beautiful movie and to this day I love it, and really shows the value a teacher really has.


Stand by me was another film that I loved, and it is really about what I am doing, a film where the narrator looks back at the summer and his friends. I know I am switching from film to film, but my mind is slowly revealing movies to me as I keep writing. Wisdom, a film by Emilio Estevez, is one that I remember a lot, I have not seen it in many years but I remember the ending. Also, with Emilio Estevez, I was a fan of the Young Guns films, mainly the second one.


Class of 1984 was a film that I remember seeing a lot, it was too shocking, the violence and the fact that the students were so bad and violent against the teachers. And the song in the movie really stuck in my head, years later I found it on iTunes, performed by Alice Cooper it was as haunting as the film.

There are too many, I could keep going on and on, but I don’t want to bore anyone that reads this. I did not include most of the big hits like Star Wars, Back to the future, The Goonies and Indiana Jones, Terminator 2 that of course, I loved. Hopefully, reading this makes you think of those films you loved while growing up and share in the comments and together reminisce about movies and why we love them.

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