Use your illusions 1 & 2 1991

Guns N Roses

Produced by Mike Clint and Guns N Roses

I know, I might be the few that prefers the Illusions albums over Appetite for Destruction. Their first album is great and has three of their best songs, but for me I still like Use your Illusions better.

They did not release new music from 89 with GNR Lies until 91 when the song You could be mine was released as the new single and as part of the movie Terminator 2 Judgment Day. There was a significant change in the band with Matt Sorum replacing Steven Adler on drums and the addition of Dizzy Reed on piano and keyboards. This album played constantly on my walkman for many years during my high school days.

I like it more because it is more diverse as an album. The music is more inventive and more epic than on Appetite. Their first record was more raw and more aggressive. For the Ilussions albums they has more styles in the record. At that time they were my favorite band and if they would have stayed together I think they would have continued making music. There are rumors that now that the reunion tour ended a new album might be in the works, I hope so.

About the songs, there is November Rain that has to be Axl’s masterpiece. It really is an amazing song, great lyrics and Slash does amazing work on the guitar, beautiful solo’s on that song, and in Estranged also, in those two songs Slash really blew me away with the guitar solo’s. Coma is one of my favorite songs from the albums, at 10 minutes long the song is really epic. Going from different tempos and the lyrics at the end are really great. Don’t Cry, Dead Horse, Breakdown, there are many good songs on these albums.

This cd brings many good memories and I really listened to it a lot. Guns N Roses is one band I would love to see live, especially now that Slash and Duff rejoined the band.

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