The dirt (2019)

Directed by: Jeff Tremaine

Starring Douglas Booth, Colson Baker, Daniel Webber, and Iwan Rheon

I was curious to see this film, I remember the band and I like a few of their songs or mainly one album. I was never a big fan of Motley Crue. For me, this is the case were their antics and crazy behavior and excess of everything are bigger than the music. That, of course, is my opinion and a fact for most bands during that particular decade of music. Few bands have made music that matters beyond the 1980s, that’s Metallica and Bon Jovi, sadly Guns N Roses broke up too soon, but they could have kept making relevant music. These bands that I mentioned were no saints but they seem to care more about the music, at least that is my perception and this film confirms it, as I will explain later.

The film begins with a young Nicky Sixx as we see his family situation and how he hated his mother and from a young age basically lived on his own. Then we are sent to the 1980s where Sixx is in a band and after the show in a diner meets Tommy Lee and together they begin to form a new band. Mick Mars then joins and Tommy suggests to add Vince Neil as lead singer. There we see how they form their act for the stage and decide to rely on shock value to achieve their fame. From then on, we see how crazy things got for the band. Drug use and heavy drinking take a toll on the band until the part their ways. There are tragedies along the way, Neil is in an accident and kills a friend, Sixx almost dies from an overdose and sadly Vince loses his daughter. But in the end the band makes amends and they reunite and played until 2015.

My thought on the film is this, nothing new. I heard Nicky Sixx they wanted to make it real and not like those biopic Vh1 made of Def Leppard, but in truth the only difference is that in Netflix they could make it more graphic, but not really necessary, the sex, the drugs, and the mayhem needs not to be seen to get the point. I admire the fact that what Nicky Sixx wanted to do was to show how that lifestyle was a mistake and how they regret it, but the film did not spend enough time on them getting sober or their lives together to make it seem like it’s not glorifying the drugs, the trashing of the hotels and all the crazy things they did. The scene with Ozzy is just disgusting and I believe it happened which makes it worse.

What I wanted to say about the band itself, is that they made good songs, but when I look back at the albums, their antics seem to be more known that the music and it is evidenced in this fil. The music is a side story here. In Bohemian Rhapsody it was an essential part of the story, yes, they concentrated on Freddie’s life, but the moments in the studio and touring were present and mattered in the film. That is what I got from seeing this film and really what I think of the band, for me their truly great album was Dr. Feelgood and Home Sweet Home.

The movie itself is okay, and I am sure fans of the band will enjoy it.

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