Get a Grip


Produced by: Bruce Fairbairn

This is an iconic band that due to the fact that they achieved their biggest success in the 1980s, one would believe they started in the ’80s when in fact they have been around since 1972 the year they released their first album. From that era, they had hits like Dream on, Walk this way and Sweet Emotions. But they broke up and in 1984 they reunited for a tour and began making music again together. But it was in 1987 with the release of the album Permanent Vacation that they had once again a hit record. the next album made Aerosmith relevant again and it was a huge hit, the album Pump was a massive hit with songs like Love in the elevator, The other side, Janie’s got a gun and What it takes.

That set the stage for their next album and for me their best one of their comeback albums. Get a grip was released in 1993 and was a huge hit. The lyrics go from serious to crazy, but that is their style. Some might argue that Pump was a better album, and it is close because both are good albums. The albums remain big for me because of the songs Crying and Amazing. Crying was a huge hit on MTV and it is fair to say it helped launch the career of Alicia Silverstone when she appeared on the videos. Even to this day, I believe those two songs, in particular, are really good and love the lyrics. Amazing is so a beautiful message of hope, coming from a band that recovered from drug addiction, it is a reminder that you can be down but in the blink of an eye, you can see the light again. For me those two are the best ones from the album but Living on the edge, Crazy, Line up and Fever are all great songs.

I also love Joe Perry’s work on the guitar in this album, his playing on the song Crying is so beautiful, especially towards the end where he responds to the words somehow with each note. And the solo in amazing is described exactly with the title of the song. For me, the guitar is moving and hits your emotions in line with the message in the song. I can only compare it to The Beatles song Let it be, the album version, Harrison’s guitar playing on that songs touches very deep emotionally, in my opinion.

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