Bridge over troubled water 1970

Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970)

Simon and Garfunkel

Produced by: Roy Halee, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

For me, Paul Simon is one of the best songwriters born in the United States, and in my top 5 of all time. He writes pure poetry, capable of writing fun songs and deep songs as well. His best work no doubt was in the ’60s while he still worked with Garfunkel. With classics like “Sound of Silence”, “Mrs. Robinson”, “I am a Rock”, Simon has proven his worth as a songwriter.

The album Bridge over troubled water is their masterpiece, the album is great from start to finish. It was a different album, the music was different, it had different styles and arrangements. For me, every song is a gem, with only one song that is a good song but falls short compared with the rest of the album. They took time for this album, beginning to record it 1969 and being released on January 1970.

The album starts with the title song. In my opinion Bridge over troubled is one most beautiful songs of all time. the lyrics are so beautiful and the melody is moving and Garfunkel sings it masterfully. The first section is slow and almost low in sound, the ending is loud with the message of love and friendship. Is a song that moves me every time I listen to it. the song originally had only two verses but Garfunkel felt the song needed one more verse and Paul Simon wrote the “Sail on silver girl….” part and he explained that is why the music structure changes. Another stand out track is Cecilia, great music for that one with a fun lyric about a woman who quickly changes lovers. On “Keep the customers satisfied” Simon expresses the pressures of being on the road trying to please the fans. Of course, the other masterpiece in this album is the song “The Boxer, what lyrics on that one. it really has a moving story and an epic recording. Recorded in part at a Chapel in New York for better echo for the last part harmonies, the record is really an exceptional piece of work. Other notable songs are “The only living boy in New York” and “song for the asking”.

It was a shame that like The Beatles, they also broke up in 1970 and worked together occasionally, but Simon went on as a solo artist and Garfunkel tried acting in movies. but with 5 albums and they still left an undeniable music legacy.

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