Pet Sounds (1966)

Pet Sounds 1966

Produced by Brian Wilson

I focus my blog post more on movies, but I wanted to extend my content to include music. In films I’m doing a series on Marvel movies, until I see a new film that is recent or new to me. So, in that note, I wanted to talk about my favorite albums, in no particular order. I won’t include any Beatles albums because I made a post where I talked about all their albums, although solo albums might be included.

I want to start with a record that really was ahead of its time. The Beach Boys really were mostly known for surfer songs and really silly happy fun songs that I loved don’t get me wrong. But all that changed for their 11th album, Pet Sounds.

The background for the album was that the Brian Wilson could no longer tour with the band to focus in writing and I believe that the touring had its effects on him. The result was that he took the time to construct a different record for the band and really for the times. By the time the rest of the band got to the studio Brian had most of the tracks ready. For the compositions, he wrote most of the songs with Tony Asher. Tony Asher has said that he just put Wilson’s thought into lyrics. The one let down for me is the music is played mostly by session musicians, not the band, this might be because Brian Wilson recorded while the rest of the group was on tour, so they did the vocals and played instruments on some songs. But the album is really a great work of art. The music is inventive and with different sounds and interesting arrangements, especially vocal arrangements, The Beach Boys made beautiful harmonies.

The songs themselves have very beautiful lyrics to go with the music. My favorite tracks are “Wouldn’t it be nice”, “God only knows”, “That’s not me”, “Sloop John B”, “Here today” and “ I just wasn’t made for these times”.

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