The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Directed by Louis Leterrier

Starring Edward Norton, Tim Roth, Liv Taylor, and William Hurt

The second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was The Incredible Hulk. It is a weird installment in the sense that is one that never got a sequel even though it was well received.

The movie starts with Bruce Banner hiding out in Brazil. He works in a factory and is trying to learn how to control Hulk. He is also communicating with a scientist in hopes of finding a cure. While working in a factory he is accidentally cut and a bit of his blood falls on a bottle of a drink that is sold in America and when the person gets sick, the army concludes is Bruce. They get to Brazil to catch him and there he turns into the Hulk and escapes. He then gets to America to contact Mr. Blue the scientist helping him. He reconnects with Betty, his girlfriend, and she helps him in his quest to get rid of the Hulk. Trouble is the army is set on finding him and they inject some of Banner’s blood to Ross, a ruthless soldier who wants to get back at Banner for beating him badly as the Hulk. But he gets out of control and only seeks more power and strength until he becomes something worse than the Hulk. Meanwhile, Bruce took an antidote made by Mr. Blue and without knowing if he could turn to the Hulk, he throws himself from a helicopter to save the city from Ross.

This movie was far better than the Hulk film directed by Ang Lee, even though it had good things in it and Eric Bana was good in the role of Bruce Banner. The best thing they did is not making it an origin story, the Hulk was already established and it was focused on Banner trying to cure himself and running from the army. The Hulk CGI also looked better than the other film, and the action sequences were really incredible. The best scenes for me were the fight at the University. I don’t know why this movie is seldom mentioned and it feels isolated from the rest of the Marvel films.

Edward Norton is a great actor, in my opinion, one of the best of his generation, and he did a good job in the role of Bruce Banner. The rest of the cast also were good. It was expected that Norton would keep playing the role but due to differences he opted out and Mark Ruffalo stepped in. Both are good in the role of Banner, and it would be good for the Hulk to get another film like Iron Man and Thor that got sequels on their own. But we have to wait and see what plans Marvel has because these characters were phase one and we don’t know if they will continue with those first characters.

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