Hangman (2017)

Directed by Johnny Martin

Starring Al Pacino, Brittany Snow and Karl Urban

This movie reminded me of another Two Pacino films 88 minutes and Righteous kill. It has the same style and the story is about detectives trying to find a serial killer.

The film is about two detectives trying to find the identity of a serial killer. Pacino plays retired detective Ray Archer who is drawn back to work when in a crime scene his badge number is discovered in a crime scene written on a table underneath the victim, along with detective’s Will Ruiney badge number, who is still active and working the case. They worked together before and since they felt the killer wanted them to be involved in the case they decided to work together again. As they investigate they are accompanied Christi Davies, a reporter doing a story about detective work. The title refers to the serial killer and how he uses the hangman’s game to leave clues behind for the detectives.

The movie itself is entertaining, the plot is interesting but in truth it is a typical movie of that genre. The actors do a good job with the not so good script. Like I said, the movie is fine to see it at home if you have the time.

It is hard for me to see the last films Pacino has made, either he is choosing bad movies or he is not getting good offers for meaningful roles, not including his work for HBO’s Angels in America miniseries and the films You don’t know Jack and Spector because these movies were good and his performance was praised. But he is still Al Pacino and gives his usual good quality performance. Thankfully this year we will see Pacino in two high profile movies, Tarantino’s Once upon a time in Hollywood and Scorsese’s The Irishman, where he is reunited with Robert De Niro.

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