Captain Marvel (2019)

Directed by: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

Starring Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law and Annette Benning 

Sometimes the best way to go and see a movie is with no expectations. That is how I went to see the new Marvel Studios film Captain Marvel. Maybe for that reason I enjoyed it more than some of the people that have reviewed the film on social media. I believe this character suffers the same fate as Superman, they are just too powerful and that takes away from the suspense of how are they going to defeat the villain, at least Superman had Kryptonite. What they did is put the character as vulnerable in the beginnig and then slowly understanding her powers until we see her full potential.

The movie is the origin story of Captain Marvel. The story is set on the ‘90’s and before most of the rest movies in the Marvel Universe, as the Avengers were not even still in Fury’s mind.  That gave the film a certain nostalgic touch, having a scene with a Blockbuster Video store, a battle scene with No Doubt’s I’m just a girl and a cool scene with Nirvana’s Come as you are, along with other cool references about those times. I liked that we see her origin as the story goes on, not on sequence and that allowed the main story to move along faster. When it comes to Marvel movies the less you know the better, so I won’t say much about the plot. 

I liked the pace of the film, it had a good story and good action sequences. The effects were really good especially when we get to see Captain Marvel at her full powers. The flaw in the film is that there are elements that are predictable, but in superhero movies it is hard to expect something completely original all the time. I think that usually happens in origins films or stand-alone films of the characters, because the Avenger films achieve less predictability than the other films. For me Captain America and Iron Man remain the best origin films from the Marvel Studios, because Spiderman from Sony was also a very good film but it was years before the Marvel Studio Universe started. But having said that, go and enjoy the movie, because it is a fun movie and filled with good moments. 

I admit, I did not know much about Brie Larson or that she won an Oscar for her work in the film Room. I think her performance was effective but she shines most because of her scenes as Captain Marvel. Annette Benning was great on her role in the film, she really steals the scenes she is in, along with the great Jude Law who for some reason reminded me of his performance in Road to Perdition. The film also shows us the beginning of Agent Coulson and Nick Fury, again played by Samuel L. Jackson. 

I recommended for what it is an entertaining superhero movie. And one more note, nice to see the opening of the credits as a tribute to Stan Lee and his last cameo. Thanks Stan for the great characters and stories. 


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