Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: The Best of everything

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (2019) The Best of Everything 

The definitive collection 1976-2016

This is a collection of Tom Petty’s hits both as a solo artist and with the band, the Heartbreakers. The highlight of this collection is that for the first time they have combined Petty’s solo work with the Heartbreakers.

Tom Petty left behind a great body of work and even though I knew of his work, I did not know just how successful that band was starting in the ’70s. This collection is aimed at new fans who may not have all of his records, and it does contain his best material in my opinion, and does a good job at leaving the listener wanting to go deep into the albums to hear if there are more great songs that can’t be included in a Greatest Hits album. This collection is similar to the “Anthology: Through the years” collection released in 2000, but they took a few songs out to include songs from his solo works and from his first band Mudcrutch. But that was a good move, because I had not listened to his solo work other than those on “Full moon fever” and “Wallflower” albums, and they were really good. So, for me, this was a good album to have because you get the classic songs with others that might be new. Another great thing about the physical cd is that it includes an essay by Cameron Crowe. 

The obvious inclusions are “Free Fallin’”, “Mary Jane’s last dance”, “I won’t back down”, “Don’t come around here no more” among other hits from the band. For me, the highlights were those that I never heard before that I loved like “Angel Dream (no 2)”, “Saving grace”, “Dreamville”, “trailer”, “I forgive it all” and the never released song “For real”. The version included in this collection of the song “Best of everything” with an additional verse it’s also a great treasure found in this collection.  This collection is further evidence of Petty’s talent as a songwriter and he is greatly missed.

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