My thoughts on Oscar night

The night finally arrived and the winners were announced. Overall it was a good show, some winners were expected others came as a surprise.

The show really benefited by not having a host, nothing against Kevin Hart and what happened to him was really unfair, but having the show open with Queen was truly epic, to see hollywood excited with the sings We will rock you and We are the champions was so cool. The show moved along great. Even though having Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler give the first award gave the show that funny bit and they were funny.

One special moment was the performance by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, it was not seeing the characters from the film, it was a performance by two artist who really have a undeniable chemistry between them and the performance was beautiful. In the end, the song won the Oscar and with that Lady Gaga won an Oscar.

In terms of the winners most of them were predictable, but that did not mean the winners were not deserving. Regina King won for actress in a supporting role and Mahershala Ali won for supporting actor. The best actor went to Rami Malek, it was a hard category, but he deserved it, I can’t say anything bad about his performance. The surprise came for best actress, everyone expected it was either Gaga or Close, but Olivia Colman ended up winning for her role in the Favourite. Best director went to Cuarón for Roma, I am not a fan of the movie but recognize the style of the film and that he did a good job at directing. At last Spike Lee is an Oscar winner, winning for best adapted screenplay. Best picture was a nice surprise, Green Book took the Oscar, and I was glad that it was not Roma, a heavily favorite I don’t know why really, other than than the political aspect of the film. But that was better achieved in BlacKkKlansman and I believe in Green Book though I have not seen it.

This was a good show overall it really was different and that worked in the shows favor.

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