Scent of a Woman (1992)

Scent of a woman (1992)

Directed by Martin Brest

Starring Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell 

We are getting closer and this is my last entry about Oscar-winning films, and I want to end with the film that won Al Pacino his first Oscar. He has given so many amazing performances that in my opinion he should have at least three Oscars. But of all the roles it was this one that got him the win, and it is a deserving win, though I admit not his best performance on screen. 

The film begins with Charlie looking for a job for the Thanksgiving break from school. We meet a group of students that even though they knew he was on student aid and would not afford it, invite him on a skiing trip. Then Charlie interviews for a job taking care of a blind man that lives with his niece and her family, as they wanted to take a trip and he did not want to go. Charlie then meets Col. Frank Slade and the meeting does not go well, but he gets the job because no one else came. Then as Charlie is leaving the library with George, they witness other students preparing a prank on the principal of the school. After the prank, the principal gives both Charlie and George the Thanksgiving weekend to think things through and say who did it. Charlie goes to take care of Frank and to his surprise, Frank has a trip planned to New York City, hoping Charlie would help him go and see his brother and do other things. The relationship grows as time passes they start caring for each other, Frank gets interested in Charlie’s situation and tries to guide him and Charlie begins to be concerned for Frank. The trip ended changing both of their lives and a friendship was born that would save Frank life. 

This is a special movie and Al Pacino is the driving force, his performance is both funny and moving and he really worked out how to really appear to be blind. The scene where he dances the tango is a beautiful scene and perfectly acted by Pacino. Pacino grabs your attention with this character that sometimes is hard to like but when we understand him, we can forgive his flaws and like Charlie begin to care for Frank. The scene where he defends Charlie in the school hearing is one of the best acting moments in the film and in Pacino’s career. 

The film is funny and moving and really gets us to care about the characters. It is not the best movie ever or anything like that, but it is a great film. 

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